升级零件污垢电动电池电池信号插头X160 X160 X260 / Sur-Ron Light Bee X


  • MX-SUR-LB-059-BLA

  • 黑色的

  • 纸盒

  • Segway X160 X260 / Sur-Ron Light Bee X

  • 海 /空气

  • 12个月

  • 中国

  • ISO9001


This module is a second generation module, which has greater power improvement and better stability than the first generation.

Without this module, the current is limited to 60A and the speed and torque will not increase. After plugging in this communication plug, you can output the full power 90A+, the maximum current rises from 76A to 106A, the maximum power rises from 4900w to 7300w.

Surron Light bee X special, 60v, 63v, 66v batteries can be used.

Note: 2019 previous Light Bee models can change the battery without this communication plug.