污垢ebike摩托车电池BMS旁路套件,用于Segway X160 X260 / Sur-Ron Light Bee x


  • MX-SUR-LB-054-BLA

  • 镀锌铜线

  • 黑色的

  • 纸盒

  • Segway X160 X260 / Sur-Ron Light Bee X

  • 海 /空气

  • 12个月

  • 中国

  • ISO9001


It is consisted of insulated wires and heat shrinkable tube.

Provide more power and speed for your Surron or Segway.

This kit will allow you to pull up more watts of power from your stock battery.

Strip ~1/2" of the wire covering back and set as deep as possible in the butt splice. Crimp in place, and crimp the entire length to ensure good contact with the wire.

There is risk with this bypass and install.  Please install carefully.